Just posting to let you know that all links should be working properly now. If any links aren’t working, or there are a few missing/corrupted tracks, let me know by commenting! Some delicious stuff coming this next post…

~ by japshare on May 14, 2011.

16 Responses to “ALL LINKS HAVE BEEN FIXED!”

  1. Hello, I just found your site. Looking through, it seems like there’s a lot of good music, that I’m looking forward to enjoying! Thanks!!!

  2. hey, just wondering if you happen to have the newest Satanitcpornocultshop CD “Catholic Sunspot Apron” to share? Thnx 4 all the good stuff so far! :)

  3. Please keep it up, these bands are mostly jewels!
    Amazing blog!

  4. first meltbanana link is broken

  5. Hey man, love your blog and i’ve been using it for a while.
    Just a suggestion, but when you do another update do you have any yura yura teikoku? Particularly whatever album the music they did for love exposure is on.

  6. Do you have anything by the Silver Fins? I’ve been looking everywhere to buy or download their stuff, but no luck. It’d be great if you had the Hollywood album. :)


    this one is dead :(

    love your blog btw !

  8. any new posts coming up!?!? love ur blog :D

  9. Thank you very much. I’ve found some pretty obscure stuff that I can’t wait to check out. Kudos!

  10. can u reupload clankey stuff

  11. everything is dead :(

  12. Suspended account.

    It was a great run, used to come here lot’s.

  13. What happened???!!! Come back!!!

  14. R.I.P., Japshare. I got a ton of great Japanese music from here.

  15. goddamn this sucks, i only found out about this website few months ago and downloaded only few albums. hope you can come back soon man

  16. Ah, well. Just found out about this site today and I guess it was too good to be true. Thanks, and here’s to hoping you come back one day.

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